Which is the perfect glass for Gin Tonic?

We started with this question

This glass has been designed by the architect Valerio Bottin and the engineer Federico Illesi to meet a specific need: a glass for the perfect gin and tonic.

After designing and planning it, we had it made by master glassmakers in Murano where the world’s most important glass has been worked for more than 1,000 years.

Five lines like the five senses: the glass is designed to engage all of them and thus ensure a unique experience during tasting.

Glass for Gin Tonic

Original hand made glass manufactured by glass blowing masters of Murano, you can expect some imperfections that will make it even more unique and valuable

Five stripes like the five senses: the glass is designed to involve them all and therefore to garantee an unique experience during the tasting
Taste and smell are intuitive and intrinsic to the drink itself; the view is tickled with the interplay of chiaroscuro, the touch is tickled by the peculiar shape of the not smooth glass, but embellished by sinuous waves of glass.
The hearing, finally, find contentment from pleasant and inviting sound of the ice hitting the black embossed bands… see for yourself!

Federico Illesi

Federico Illesi, biomedical engineering graduate and head of a company of web services, is passionate since forever into mixology and he is a lover of the art of good drinking, so much to achieve the certificates of Barman and Sommelier of distillates.
After several studies and tests, he decided to dedicate body and soul to one of the mostloved cocktails in the world: the Gin and Tonic!

Valerio Bottin

Valerio Bottin, graduated in Architecture in Venice, in 1993 began collaborating with Foscarini and other lighting and interior design companies
He was always fascinated by the vertex and its expressions, he has always looked for shapes to the limit in his objects.
The meeting with Federico Illesi gave him the opportunity to devise and design glasses for a specific use, and to see them made by the Masters of glass of Murano